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5 Cost-Saving Tips to Winterize Your Home

Northwest Indiana is known for its beautiful seasons.  And fall is one of the most colorful seasons in Indiana.  But the changing colors and falling leaves means winter is around the corner.  Follow these 5 cost-saving tips to winterize your home and prepare for spring!

Tip #1 Store Your Garden Hose

Your garden hose is direct access to your indoor plumbing.  Keeping your garden hose attached through the winter could cause damage to your interior pipes.  Water left in the hose can freeze, expand, and crack interior plumbing.

To avoid costly damage, drain and store your garden hose before the temperatures fall.

Tip #2 Clean Your Gutters

Leaves, twigs, and asphalt grit are a few items that easily clog gutters.  Clogged gutters prevent rainwater and melting snow from properly draining.  The backup of water can freeze when the temperature drops causing damage.

Before winter, safely inspect your gutters for sagging, rust, and overfill of debris.  You can do a quick check from the ground with binoculars.  If you notice a problem, call a gutter and downspout expert for a thorough inspection and estimate.  Keep in mind, fall is a busy season for gutter experts.  You’ll want to call early in the season for an appointment.

Tip #3 Inspect Your Roof

An intact roof is essential during the winter.  As you inspect your gutters, Image of roof shingles for winterize your homecheck the condition of your roof too.  Look for signs of wearing such as buckled or missing shingles.  Discoloration is normal but cracking, raised areas, and weak spots need prompt inspection by a roof expert.

Don’t try the inspection up close yourself on a ladder or directly on the roof.  Instead, contact a reputable roofer and get an expert opinion.

Tip #4 Maintain Your Furnace

Annual furnace maintenance is a must to winterize your home and keep you safe.  Besides monthly filter changes, having a reputable Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioner (HVAC) service check your furnace yearly will save you money and grief.

While you can have your system checked anytime, the fall is a good time to tune up your furnace and make sure there are no carbon monoxide or gas leaks.  Some HVAC companies have maintenance contracts that prevent costly repairs in an emergency.

Tip #5 Trim Your Shrubs and Trees

The fall is a great time to trim plants and trees without causing damage.  Pruning and trimming during the summer months can shock shrubs and trees but late fall is the ideal time to trim them because the growth cycle is over.

Image of tree near house for winterize your homeLook for potential hazards when deciding which trees and shrubs to trim and prune.  Hire a tree trimming service to trim branches over your house that could cause damage to your gutters, roof, and siding.  Ideally, keep branches 3 feet from your house to prevent damage.  Consult an expert service for advice on specialty plants, shrubs, and trees and trimming guidelines.

Wintertime in Northwest Indiana is also beautiful.  Most seniors like to admire winter from inside their warm home.  Following these 5 tips to winterize your home in the fall will reduce the stress of untimely and unwanted costly damage as you anticipate spring!

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