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Widow & Interstate Move (Video)


This is a case study of a downsizing and interstate move for Mary, a widow of 10 years.  Mary and her husband Brian were married for 60 years.  Brian was the love of Mary’s life and when he passed away at age 70 of a heart attack, Mary chose to stay in the 2500 square foot home they built when they first married.

At 80, Mary realized the home was too big and the maintenance was too much.  She knew she needed to downsize and move and she didn’t want to stay in Northwest Indiana and face one more winter.  Her son invited her to live with him and his family in Texas.

The challenge was organizing the move.  Mary was alone in Northwest Indiana and her son was busy with his job in Texas.  Mary and Brian had accumulated a lot of stuff over Declutter image on NWISeniors.com for Widow, recycle, sell, trashthe years and she knew she couldn’t take everything with her.  Her son had plenty of room and Mary would have an apartment of about 1000 square feet in the lower level of his 4000 square foot home.  Mary needed to downsize 1500 square feet of stuff.

Mary called some friends to help and they asked their children.  Nine months later, the downsizing and packing was done, and Mary was ready to move.  She had to face another Indiana winter and she felt she imposed on everyone but she was grateful for the help.

Mary’s son made two trips to Indiana to help his mom.  First, to meet with a realtor and review the listing contract.  The second trip was a week before the closing of the house.  Mary’s son and his children came up on Spring break to help with last minute packing, clean out, and moving.

This case study shows the many details of a downsizing and interstate move.  Mary was lucky to have a son to help her because many seniors don’t.

Collins Realty Group helps seniors downsize, market and sell their home, relocate or buy a new home, and move.  From sorting, to selling your home, to relocating to your new home, Collins Realty Group works with seniors to make downsizing and selling easy.

We start with reviewing your goals and where you want to move to, whether you want to buy a new home or move to another state or a local senior community.  We help you decide what items you want to move and show you how they’ll fit in your new home with your personalized floor plan.

Once your floor plan is complete, we guide you through the rest of the process-whether you want to move before, during, or after the sale of your home. If you decide to move before listing your home, we work with you and your family to complete the transaction remotely.   We also refer you to local resources to help you plan how you’ll pay for your new home.  The process is easy and efficient, and you get to move on with your life on your terms and leave the work to us.

If you’re a senior or senior helper ready to downsize and sell your home, call Collins Realty Group at 219-315-6569 to start your plan today.

For more tips on real estate, aging-in-place, and not outliving your money, request a copy of our free book, The Northwest Indiana Guide for Seniors.