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Why Seniors Should Work with A Certified Senior Advisor

Reverse Mortgage Scam Alert Image, protecting seniors, When I became a senior, I got bombarded with scams.  Phone scammers tried to get personal information from me pretending to be the IRS.  Facebook scammers with fake profiles wanted to be my friend and proposed marriage, and e-mail scammers asked for money in exchange for companionship!  Scammers are everywhere, and it seems they tend to target seniors.  After a couple of months of dealing with these scammers, I decided to become a Certified Senior Advisor.

Certified Senior Advisors take extensive training on topics that impact seniors.  Finance, housing, community resources are some of the subjects we train on.  We have a year to complete the training and take a proctored certification exam.  Once we pass the exam, we undergo a background check by the Society of Senior Advisors and we must pass an ethics exam.

Certified Senior Advisor Logo ImageTo keep our certification, we must complete continuing education and remain active in our industry.As a retired registered nurse and former director of quality, I saw first hand how seniors were mistreated from family, friends, neighbors, and the healthcare system in general.The Certified Senior Advisor designation let’s my clients know that I really care enough to learn everything I can about their needs and how to help them.  It also means that I am trustworthy, a value I take very seriously.

Consider using a Certified Senior Advisor when you need help.  Certified Senior Advisors work in many industries including real estate, insurance, and financial planning.

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For more tips on real estate, aging-in-place, and not outliving your money, request a copy of our free book, The Northwest Indiana Guide for Seniors.

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