Seniors Moving After 55

You’ve decided to move.  Maybe your home is aging, or the maintenance and NWI Image of Moving Truck, relocationrepairs are costly, or you want to live closer to your family.  These are all great reasons to move.  But the question for seniors moving after 55 is always where to start.

Seniors and senior helpers typically face 2 scenarios.  You want to move, or you must move.  Wanting to move is better because you can take some time to plan.  A must move usually has an urgent time element, typically related to a health change.  This urgency adds stress to your move.

Regardless of the reason for the move, the process is the same.  First, find a place to move.  Tour some local senior-friendly housing communities or neighborhoods to help you decide where to live.

Next, meet with your financial planner and lender.  You need to know whether your finances will support your new home before making any commitments or signing a contract.

Then, talk to a realtor and find out the value of your home.  Consider using a Senior Real Estate Specialist who is specially trained to service seniors 55 and over.

Next, prepare your home for sale by decluttering, painting, and repairing.  Consider a pre-sale home inspection and complete the necessary repairs.  You might also want to use a professional stager because staged homes sell faster and for more money.

Next your realtor will market and show your home.

When you have an offer, work with your realtor to accept the best price and terms.  Your realtor will help you through the transaction with unexpected events like responding to inspections and appraisal issues.

Sellers often believe they can sell their home on their own and save the realtor fee, but a trained realtor, especially a Senior Real Estate Specialist, is worth their weight in gold to guide senior sellers through the process.

Are you a senior or senior helper in NWI who needs help moving?  Call me today at 219-315-6569 to find out what your home is worth and request your free guide.

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