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REALTOR®, Agent, or Broker

Seniors often ask, “what’s the difference between an agent and broker, aren’t they all Realtors©”?  Great question!  Not knowing the difference between a Realtor, Agent, or Broker can cost Seniors stress, thousands of dollars, and time.

An agent is licensed by the state to help buy, sell, rent, or invest in real estate.  A broker is an agent who has taken advanced training and passed the broker exam.  In Indiana, all real estate agents are brokers.

Brokers in Indiana take 90 hours of real estate education, pass a state exam, and complete 30 hours of post-licensing training to earn a license.  A managing broker oversees brokers in Indiana.

A managing broker has taken advanced training and held an active license for at least 2 years.  Managing brokers can act independently and often own a real estate company.

NWI Seniors.com Realtor imageA REALTOR® is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).  Membership is voluntary and Realtors© commit to following a strict Code of Ethics.  NAR exists to protect the public and Realtors© are held accountable to the high standards.

An SRES® is a Senior Real Estate Specialist with advanced training from NAR who passed a certificationNWISeniors.com image of Senior Real Estate Specialist exam.  The SRES training is specific to the needs of those 55 and over in buying, selling, renting, and investing in real estate.  The real estate needs of Seniors are different from other generations.  The SRES is knowledgeable to help seniors with reverse mortgages, Power of Attorney, family conflicts, Medicare, Medicaid, taxes, federal and state laws, and senior housing.  Learn more about working with an SRES in your free copy of The Northwest Indiana Guide for Seniors on Real Estate, Aging-in-Place, and Not Outliving Your Money! by entering your name and e-mail on the right.

Some clients believe the extra training and credentials cost more in commission and fees.  However, the opposite is true.  Memberships, training, and certifications give professionals insight into current best practices that save time and money for the client.  Also, professionals who commit to higher standards are trusted advisors and decrease your risk of scam or fraud, which are both common among seniors.

Are you a senior or senior helper needing to plan a move?  Enter your e-mail on this page to download The Northwest Indiana Guide for Seniors on Real Estate, Aging-in-Place, and Not Outliving Your  Money!  Need personal help?  Call Georgene today at 219-315-6569 for a free downsizing consultation.  Ask her about her value-added listing package-home, inspection, custom website, staging consultation, and drone marketing.

For more tips on real estate, aging-in-place, and not outliving your money, request a copy of our free book, The Northwest Indiana Guide for Seniors.