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Being a senior is an awesome experience!  We’re wiser and navigate life better.  But just like in our NWISeniors.com Friendsyouth, seniors face new and unique challenges.  The greatest challenges for seniors are staying independent and having enough money for the rest of our lives.  On NWI Seniors you’ll find help to live longer and better at home.  Whether you want to age-in-place, sell your home and move, or need information on long-term care and having more money in retirement,  NWI Seniors can help.

Aging-in-Place Home Remodeling

The news is out!  Seniors want to live better and longer at home.  Our home gives us emotional and financial security.  And with plenty of equity and no mortgage, keeping our home in retirement is ideal.  The thought of a new mortgage on a fixed income, alarms many seniors.  Plus, the security of knowing our neighbors and the neighborhood for decades is a bonus.

It is hard to leave a home we’ve known so well, even with the possibility of new beginnings and friendships.  That’s where aging-in-place comes in.  Keeping safety in mind, aging-in-place is home remodeling that allows seniors to live at home longer and better.  You will find information on aging-in-place home remodeling in Northwest Indiana on NWISeniors.com.

Home Selling and Moving

Some seniors need to move because their home is too much to maintain.  Taxes, costly repairs, and insurance challenges every homeowner’s budget.  But when you live on a fixed income, keeping up with the cost of a home may be too stressful.  Also aging prevents seniors from routine upkeep like shoveling snow and cutting grass.

Senior Couple on NWISeniors.comOther seniors want to live with or closer to family.  And some seniors want to move for other reasons like socializing and a safe and secure environment.  Moving for seniors often means selling a home and downsizing.  And there is plenty of help with selling a home, downsizing, and moving on NWISeniors.com.  You’ll also find information on working with Realtors® who specialize in helping seniors sell a home and move.

Long-Term Care and Money

NWISeniors.com Financial PlanningMany seniors worry about money and long-term care.  In fact, outliving money in retirement is a fear among many seniors.  The average American has less than $4000 saved for retirement.  And while seniors are savers, much of their savings is used on long-term care and medical expenses.  Pre-retirement planning is the best way to know you’ll have enough money in retirement.  But if you started late or have no retirement plan, you can find financial planning and care information in our long-term care section of NWISeniors.com.

NWISeniors is written by a senior for seniors in Northwest Indiana.  Learn more about Georgene, the editor of NWISeniors.com.  If you’re a senior in Northwest Indiana or care for an elderly loved one welcome to NWISeniors.com!  You’ll find the answers to live safer and better at home.


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