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NWI Seniors Newspaper August-September 2019 Edition

Here is the link to the August-September edition of the NWI Seniors newspaper.

Here are the reports for the current edition.

Senior Citizens are used to change.  And we’re announcing a change at NWI Seniors!  To serve our readers NWI Seniors.com Newspaper Image, seniors, informationbetter, we’ve moved to a bi-monthly paper.  We did this to share in-depth researched information with our readers on global topics from reputable Internet sources.  Many seniors do not have access to the Internet.  Other seniors do not trust the Internet.  At NWI Seniors, we bring the Internet to our readers but it takes a little more time to find reputable and high quality information our readers deserve.

The plan is to finish 2019 with one more edition distributed in November and start a new cycle in January.  Of course plans are never set in stone, so stay tuned.

We welcome writers!  Give your thoughts a voice and share with other seniors.  Contact Georgene if you would like to submit an article to NWI Seniors.

For more tips on real estate, aging-in-place, and not outliving your money, request a copy of our free book, The Northwest Indiana Guide for Seniors.


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