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Maybe you’re a caregiver or a spouse of someone who recently fell who needs to recovery at a nursing home.  Or maybe you are a spouse who can no longer care for a loved one.  You are on this page because you entered the search term nursing home near me and most likely you live in Northwest Indiana. Congratulations!  You will find exactly what you need on NWI  But before you scroll down to the links to nursing homes in Indiana, did you know many people confuse the term nursing home with assisted living?  And while there are many similarities, they are not identical.  Read on to learn more about the difference between a nursing home near me and an assisted living facility and to find a facility near you.

The Difference Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility

Nursing Home Assisted Living Facility
Also Known As Skilled Nursing Facility, Comprehensive Care Facility Senior Community, Residential Care Facility
Daily Living Activities Full Care & Assistance Minimal to Moderate Assistance
Medication Administration & Management Administration & Management if certified
Medical Procedures Minor or limited None
Recreation Onsite Onsite and Community Based
Transportation None/Ambulance Transport Available for Recreation or Tasks
Meals Provided with feedings and alternate routes Provided
Maintenance For Living Quarters For Living Quarter
Supervision Comprehensive Supervision For Tenants
Living Space Private or shared Condos, Apartments, Townhomes, or Shared Rooms

Private, shared, or cohabitation

Kitchenettes or full-size kitchens

Common Areas Limited Areas Many Large Areas for Socializing
Resident Type Immobile or Requires More than Moderate Assistance; Requires Daily Nursing Care and 24/7 Personal Care Independent or Walk with Assistance; Minimal Help with Daily Activities
Resistant to Assistance; Not Easily Supervised Follows & Accepts Directions
Communication Skills Vary Communicates without Limitations
Cognitive Functions Vary Early Stage Alzheimer’s Accepted

Cost and Indiana State Resources

The last item to compare is the cost and this varies by facility.  Unlike assisted living facilities, most Nursing Home Near Meskilled nursing homes are covered by Medicaid.  Whether an assisted living facility is covered by Medicaid depends on its licensing. You can learn more about nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Indiana at


List of Residential Care Facilities in Indiana by County at

List of Skilled Nursing Homes in Indiana by County at

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