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Low Maintenance Pets

I love all kinds of animals.  In fact, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t have a pet.  Dogs, cats, turtles, Low Maintenance Petsa rabbit, hamsters, fish, and even salamanders were part of our family at one time or another.  Some pets were easier to take care of than others.  Now as a senior, I’m only interested in low maintenance pets.  My cat, Eddie, is a low maintenance pet, but I wondered what other animals make easy pets to take care of.  Especially as I plan for alternative senior housing.  See if you agree with these low maintenance pets.

TrulyGeeky.com reports ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits, hamsters, squirrels, parrots, fish, turtles, dogs and cats are low maintenance pets.  For the most part, anything that lives in a cage or an aquarium are low maintenance pets.  You feed them, give them water, clean their cage, and give them attention.  Easy enough.

But if memory serves me, some animal cages need frequent cleaning.  As a kid, I had a rabbit, Thumper.  Thumper ate a lot for his size and he equally dirtied his cage.  For me, a rabbit is not an ideal low maintenance pet, because of the sanitation duty!

And a squirrel?  Well, TrulyGeeky.com stresses the importance of raising a squirrel as a baby to keep it Low Maintenance Pets Squirrelas a house pet.  But check with your local animal control because I’m not sure a pet squirrel is legal.  Plus, according to Quora.com, squirrels are high maintenance for diet and temperature control, and they die easily.

Low Maintenance Pets FerretA friend of mine loved her pet ferrets.  She used to share the best stories about their curiosity.  But their safety was a huge concern.  Her ferrets often got into harmful places like under recliners.

I’ve never had a pet hedgehog but even Petguru.com claims they are easy pets to take care of.  Most people fear their sharp spines but those are only used in defense.  So if you are kind to a hedgehog, you shouldn’t have any problem.  But again, check your local laws about keeping a hedgehog as a pet.

The kids and grandkids loved hamsters.  I found them rather noisy, especially at night since they are nocturnal.  But hamsters are good companions and it is fun to watch them run on their wheels and in the plastic balls around the house.  If you’re thinking of breeding them, hamsters reproduce very quickly.  Consider yourself warned!

Low Maintenance Pets ParrotsI’ve known family members to have parrots and loved them.  Keep in mind, parrots have a long lifespan, some up to 100 years.  So, you may need to make arrangements to take care of them.  ‘Nuff said!

By far my favorite animal is a dog.  Dogs are loyal, lovable, and playful.  The challenge with dogs, at least for me, is when I travel.  I often boarded my last dog, Rex, and he wasn’t too thrilled with it.  The boarders were nice, but Rex was a homebody and got a little depressed when we left him.  Dogs need a lot of attention and I wouldn’t say they are low maintenance pets, especially in comparison to a cat.

Low Maintenance Pets image of Eddie the cat and StitchCats are easy pets to take care of, especially when you travel for short periods of time.  As long as Eddie has water, food, and fresh litter, he is fine for a few days.  I leave the television on the animal channel to keep him company.  Cats are very social creatures and the television helps.  Of course, Eddie gives me attitude when I get home.  He usually complains loudly for a while until I pamper him with affection and then he forgets all about being left alone!

Everyone’s taste is different in pets, but one thing is for sure.  It’s important to take great care of our pets and give them lots of love and attention.  In return, they give us lots of love back!

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