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3 Home Staging Tips to Help Sell Your Home Faster!

According to Stagedhomes.com, 95% of staged homes sold in 11 days or less and for 17% more!  Follow these 3 home staging tips to make your home more competitive.

selling, stagged home, senior relocatingThere are many myths about home staging.  Some myths include staging is decorating, expensive, and a do-it-yourself project.  All three are farthest from fact!  The truth is that staging and decorating are complete opposites, you can use whatever budget you want, and it is best to work with a professional, preferably an Accredited Real Estate Staging Professional.  Read on to learn more about these myths and gain some valuable home staging tips!

Home Staging Myths and Tips

Let’s work through these myths and share some tips to help improve the marketability of your home.

Myth 1:  Staging is decorating.  Decorating is personal and unique.  The challenge in this myth is that you customize your home for you and not the buyer.  You also risk over-improving your home to the point where it is difficult to sell.  Staging and decorating are complete opposites!

Tip 1:  Depersonalize your home to appeal to the broadest group of buyers.  Free up as much space as possible.  You want your buyer to picture their stuff in your home.  Pack away family pictures and keepsakes.  Take down anything with eyes, human or animal-photos, art, dolls and stuffed animals, for example.  While some buyers may appreciate your decorating taste, it may deter others from seeing your home as their own.

Myth 2: Home staging is expensive.  The fact is an unsold house is much more expensive than staging.  But staging can fit any budget.

Tip 2:  Start with a fresh coat of neutral paint.  This is an inexpensive way to improve the value of any home.  Next, look at your current accessories and group them in odd numbers, emphasizing the focal point or purpose of the room.  Odd number groupings are appealing to the eye.  Adding accessories at the focal point of the room will show the room at its best!

Myth 3:  Home Staging is a Do-it-Yourself Project.  While it is true, you can do staging yourself, you may have difficulty staying objective.

Tip 3:  Consider using an Accredited Real Estate Staging Professional (ASP).  An Accredited Real Estate Staging Professional has studied and learned the proven and powerful techniques of Home Staging.

An ASP offers many home staging services.  You can ask for an assessment Accredited Real Estate Staging Professionalof your home and do the work yourself.  An ASP can stage your home for you.  Or you can use a combination of both.  A staging professional will give you a trained view of your home to appeal to most buyers.  Avoid using friends or family who may protect your feelings at the cost of improving your home.


Home staging improves the marketability of your home.  Busting these myths is a great beginning to use staging to your advantage.  Following these home staging tips can make the difference between a quickly sold home and one that sits on the market with no activity!

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