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Home Staging for Seniors

Image of a staged home, prepairing home for sale, chest, mirrorToday’s tip is on home staging for seniors.  As a senior, you want to sell your home fast and for top dollar.  You have little time to let your home sit on the market because you know it is costing you money.  A question many seniors have is how to sell their home faster.  That’s a great question because it sets you apart from all the other sellers who think their lived-in home is appealing to everyone!

How wrong they are!  Senior sellers want to attract the right buyer with the right terms fast.  You do this by setting your home apart from the competition through staging.

According to a study by Staged Homes.com, staged homes sold in 11 days or less and for 17% more than non-staged homes.

Home staging is preparing your house as a product-something desirable to attract the right buyer.  Who is the right buyer?  Someone who is pre-approved at your price and who can close on your terms.  Follow these home staging tips to attract the right buyer!

First-declutter each room.  Pack away your personal knick knacks, clear counter tops and items above kitchen cabinets, and organize closets.  Also, remove extra furniture as much as possible.  The key is to allow as much open space as possible for the buyer to picture their stuff in the room.

Second-repair.  Everything in your home should be in the best shape possible and functioning.  Remember, you are marketing your home as a retail product and you want the best price possible.  You wouldn’t expect to pay full price for a dress with a broken zipper or a car with 3 tires and you can’t expect buyers to pay full price if items in your home are not working properly.

Next, accessorize, but not too much.  A good rule of thumb is to arrange items in odd sets.  Grouping items of 1, 3, or 5 in a set is more appealing to the eye than using even numbers.

Finally, appeal to all the senses for showings.  Make sure the exterior of your home is well-groomed and inviting, on the inside eliminate odors and make your home more appealing by baking cookies or using an air freshener, make sure the lighting accents the room, and play soft music for your buyer guests.

These home staging tips for seniors are simple but powerful and can make a big difference between you and your competition.

Are you a senior or senior helper who needs help moving?  Call me today at 219-315-6569 to find out what your home is worth.  Ask about my value-added services for qualified sellers-home inspection, drone video, and staging consultation.

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