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Downsizing & Assisted Living Happiness! (Video)


This is Lisa and Joe.  Lisa and Joe have been married 65 years.  They met in high school and couldn’t take their eyes off each other!  Over the years, they raised children, worked, and shared good and bad times, all while living in a 3000 square foot house for nearly 50 years.

Over the years, Lisa and Joe were too busy to update their home.  When their health stared to decline, they knew they had to move.  The maintenance was too much and Lisa stopped doing laundry because her knees were unstable going up and down the stairs to the laundry room.  Their daughter came once a week to help.  But with a full-time job and family, Lisa and Joe felt they were imposing on her.  They were confined to the upper level of their 2-story home with little to do but watch tv.

Joe’s heart condition kept him inside most of the time and while Lisa was a dedicated wife, she loved socializing.  Lisa often complained to her daughter that she felt isolated and alone.  Worried, their daughter urged them to move many times.  But Joe wouldn’t have it.  He wanted to stay in his home and he didn’t like meeting new people.  Each time they had the moving talk, Joe would have chest pain and needed to rest.

One day, Lisa fell going down the stairs.  She told Joe she had to wash a load of clothes that couldn’t wait for the weekend.  She slowly went down the stairs, but her knees gave out and she fell going half-way down and hit her head on the concrete floor.  Joe felt helpless.  He called 911 and watched his lovely wife laying at the bottom of the stairs in pain.

Lisa went to the hospital and had minor injuries, but it was enough for Joe to agree to move.  The challenge was they weren’t sure where to start.  They knew they wanted to move to a senior community, but 50 years of stuff was never going to fit into an apartment.  They weren’t well enough to pack and coordinate the move alone and their children were busy with their own lives.  Lisa and Joe felt overwhelmed with everything they needed to do.

They called Collins Realty Group for help.  The team at Collins Realty Group listened to their home selling and moving goals and developed a personalized downsizing and moving plan.  The team connected Lisa and Joe with a financial planner who showed them how to use the money from the sale of their home to fund their new assisted living apartment.

Lisa and Joe were snowbirds and before leaving for Florida to stay with their son over the winter, they started their downsizing plan.  Collins Realty Group developed a personalized floor plan that helped them decide the items they would move.  Once the floor planning was done, Lisa and Joe left for Florida.  While away, Collins Realty Group handled the rest of the moving plan and prepared the house for sale.

When Lisa and Joe returned in mid-March they toured some assisted living communities and found one they loved.  Their financial planner set up their annuity which they would fund with the sale of their home when it closed.  They moved before the showings began and with the value-added services from Collins Realty Group their home closed quickly and on their terms.

About six months later, the team followed up with Lisa and Joe and Lisa reported pure bliss!  She said Joe was much healthier and they were busy every day.  Lisa said they were very happy and even Joe made new friends and was active again.

Are you a senior citizen in Northwest Indiana ready to sell your home and move on and start living again?  Call Georgene Collins, Broker-Owner of Collins Realty Group, today to start your personal downsizing and moving plan at 219-315-6569.

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