Certified Senior Advisor: A Trusted Expert

Certified Senior Advisor Logo ImageFinding a trusted expert to help you with real estate, financial planning, and healthcare is challenging.  A Certified Senior Advisor© is a specially trained trusted expert to help seniors with their unique challenges.

Professionals have many designations.  Within the financial planning field alone, there are more than 70 different professional designations.  The same is for healthcare and real estate professions.  A designation shows the professional met high standards in training and other requirements to elevate their practice.  Earning a designation in a profession means mastery of their industry and is usually one size fits all.  In other words, a Certified Financial Planner receives training to work with all clients.  But a Certified Senior Advisor© goes above and beyond their industry standards to work directly with the senior population.

Benefits of Working with a Certified Senior Advisor©

Communication.  The greatest benefit to working with a Certified Senior Advisor© is communication.  Communication is at the heart of every good decision.  Every industry has its unique jargon; the unique language that professionals share.  An example of jargon in financial services is ROI or return on investment.  In real estate, an example is dry close, or a closing procedure where no money is exchanged.  Healthcare professionals use NPO, or nothing by mouth.  These terms provide standard communication among professionals.  However, the same terms confuse clients.

Elder speak is a challenge for the senior population.  Elder speak is when a professional simplifies communication or speaks down to a senior.  Elder speak is insulting and disrespectful.  A Certified Senior Advisor© achieves special training on communicating respectfully with the senior population.  Also, the Certified Senior Advisor© speaks directly to the client and not through an adult child or spouse.  Seniors make better choices with direct communication.

Understand Senior Challenges.  Seniors are unique.  Their needs are different from other generations because seniors have limited resources.  Time and money are the two primary resources seniors must conserve.  Time is irreplaceable and money is usually fixed as a senior.  Unlike their younger years, if a senior needs money, asking for a raise or finding a higher paying job is rarely a choice.  This means seniors need to manage risk and use their resources wisely.  Certified Senior Advisors are professionals who understand how to help seniors conserve these valuable resources.  Certified Senior Advisors© blend their industry-specific knowledge with their special training of seniors to customize plans and advise each client.  This saves the client time and money.

Ethical Marketing.  Certified Senior Advisors© are bound by the ethical marketing standards of the Society for Certified Senior Advisors.  These ethical standards provide specific guidelines of do’s and don’ts when communicating to the senior population.  Seniors are a vulnerable group.  Many seniors are lonely and have little local support.  Plus, seniors prefer independence.  Relying on family for decisions is never easy.

Scam artists study seniors and exploit their hot points in marketing and sales.  The news is full of Telemarketing Scam Alert Image, fraud, protectionscams and stories of how con artists took advantage of a senior.  Home foreclosures, illegal wiring of money, and telemarketing scams are just a few ways con artists can hurt seniors.  Seniors in Northwest Indiana are no exception.  The Certified Senior Advisor© commits to the highest ethical marketing standards to keep the designation.

Working with a Certified Senior Advisor© gives seniors and their family peace of mind in knowing they are working with a trusted expert.  Whether you need help with financial planning, aging-in-place, or real estate, locate a Certified Senior Advisor© to help you save time and money, the two most valuable senior resources.

For more tips on real estate, aging-in-place, and not outliving your money, request a copy of our free book, The Northwest Indiana Guide for Seniors.