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Benefits of Aging in Place Remodeling

Many senior homeowners prefer to stay in their home for as long as possible.  In fact, according to the AARP study nearly 90% want to age in place.  With the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the rate will likely increased.  Nursing homes and senior facilities carry a high risk of spreading germs.  And since seniors are most vulnerable to infectious diseases, it makes sense we want to age in place for as long as possible.  Aging in place remodeling is a great place to start. Aging in place or ageing in place means to live safely in the place you call home

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Independent Senior Living is Maintenance Free!

Ever wonder about independent senior living?  If living around mature adults in a maintenance free home while staying independent appeals to you, read on to learn more about these senior-friendly communities. Independent senior living is geared towards anyone 55 and older who can live alone.  Some residents may need some help with a few activities of daily living from a home health aid or family member.  But in general, adults are independent and able to live alone.  They are known as retirement communities, 55+ communities, or senior facilities, among other names.  These communities offer services and features important to seniors. Types

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Appliance Lifespans and Costs to Replace (A Worksheet)

Appliance lifespans can be a key factor in helping you budget for the house you’ve got your eye on — or the one you already have.  Here’s a question that’s easy to dismiss when you’re in love with a house and eager to make an offer: How long are its appliances and systems going to last?  Skip that question, and you might regret it.  Because if you end up spending three grand in the first year to replace broken-down appliances, you’re probably going to wish you’d offered $3,000 less. Appliance Cost Worksheet Simply add the year when an appliance was

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7 Tips to Declutter Mom and Dad’s House

Declutter projects are time consuming and often stressful!  But decluttering someone else’s home, like your parents’, is often emotionally and physically exhausting.  If you need to declutter a home, read on for 7 tips to make your project easier, efficient, and less stressful! When my parents passed away, I inherited their “stuff”.  Suddenly, my son and husband were moving in decades of pictures, dishes, furniture, old year books, and trinkets my parents held for years.  My basement and garage became a storage area for sentimental “stuff”. Several years later, I have my parents’ stuff under control.  Granted, there are more

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Widow & Interstate Move (Video)

Transcript This is a case study of a downsizing and interstate move for Mary, a widow of 10 years.  Mary and her husband Brian were married for 60 years.  Brian was the love of Mary’s life and when he passed away at age 70 of a heart attack, Mary chose to stay in the 2500 square foot home they built when they first married. At 80, Mary realized the home was too big and the maintenance was too much.  She knew she needed to downsize and move and she didn’t want to stay in Northwest Indiana and face one more

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