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4 Reasons Your Retirement Calculator Won’t Work

Did your parents talk about using a retirement calculator when you were young? Depending on your age, they probably didn’t. That’s because many older Americans banked on Social Security and a pension to fund their retirement.  They didn’t need a retirement calculator to plan.  But when Social Security started in 1935, it was never intended to cover full retirement. The average life expectancy in 1935 was 61 for men and 64 for women. And with eligibility starting at 65, most elderly did not expect to use Social Security in retirement. In 1961, the early retirement age was lowered to 62

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Retirement Communities in Northwest Indiana

Mature adults often think of downsizing and moving to a retirement community.  But many seniors have questions about retirement communities.  If you are exploring retirement communities in Northwest Indiana, read on to learn more.  Limited on time?  Here is a brief overview of Retirement Communities in Northwest Indiana. What Are Retirement Communities? When exploring retirement communities, it’s best to know the right one for you. Knowing the different types of retirement communities will save you time and frustration.  In general, retirement communities are for active and independent mature adults.  They are healthy and don’t need special help.  They can take

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Safe Hospital Discharge

Your senior loved one is ready to come home and you are overwhelmed with details!  You need to schedule equipment, an in-home caregiver, and doctor appointments all while working full-time.  And what about paying for everything?  That’s overwhelming too!  The most important task is a safe hospital discharge.  Read on for 6 tips for a safe hospital discharge to help you take care of your loved one. Before we dive into the 6 tips for a safe hospital discharge, let’s go over a few facts about discharge planning.  A doctor decides when the patient is well enough to leave the

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Elder Financial Abuse Northwest Indiana

How to Spot & Stop Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse is growing among seniors, especially the disabled.  Family and caregivers are the best to safeguard seniors against this crime.  But family and caregivers are often at the heart of the abuse.  In fact, up to 90% of abusers are family or trusted others.  Other commonly trusted people often named in elder financial abuse include: Neighbors Friends and acquaintances Attorneys Bank employees Pastor Doctors or nurses Adult Protective Service (APS) programs report that elder financial abuse is on the rise.  Worse, research shows that elder financial abuse is widespread, expensive, and even deadly. According to APS, one in

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Investing for Seniors

Investing helps grow your money.  But with all the scams and information about investing, it is difficult to know where to start. Seniors are wise.  And we know to do our homework and ask many questions before we invest.  This post is about investing for seniors to help you decide if it is right for you. Things to Consider Before You Invest Know your goals for investing.  What do you want the money to do?  Do you want to provide income, pay off debt, pay for assisted living, or help a family member?  You want to clearly define your goals

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