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3 Reasons Pocket Listings Harm Senior Sellers

Recently I came across a house for sale on Facebook.  The video highlighted the home’s features well and I knew instantly the home was perfect for one of my buyers.  The challenge was that I could not find the house in the multiple listing service (MLS)!  I’m a senior and my memory isn’t the best but I knew the Facebook post was recent.  I decided to dig further and found the house was under contract!  This is not unusual for a hot market like Northwest Indiana.  Houses are selling within hours.  And while this house was placed on the MLS

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Pricing Your Home for a Fast Sale

Pricing your home for a fast sale is important.  A good real estate agent will know how to price your home correctly. If you’re selling your home yourself, you may want to price higher than the market will pay.  But that often backfires and leaves your home unsold.  Both buyers and sellers want a fair deal and using the right pricing strategy can make the difference between a fast sale and an expired listing.  This Senior Citizen tip is on pricing your home for a fast sale. Pricing your home for a fast sale uses science and a little art. 

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Moving as a Senior

Benjamin Franklin said Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.  Those words are very true when it comes to moving as a senior.  The reality is that seniors have very different moving needs than those of younger generations.  Today’s Senior Citizen tip is about having a moving plan. Moving is stressful, regardless of your age.  But moving as a senior is more stressful and the stress can accelerate health problems and even land you in the hospital.  As a senior, to reduce stress, you must have a moving plan.  But after decades of living in the same home, where do you start? 

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Home Staging for Seniors

Today’s tip is on home staging for seniors.  As a senior, you want to sell your home fast and for top dollar.  You have little time to let your home sit on the market because you know it is costing you money.  A question many seniors have is how to sell their home faster.  That’s a great question because it sets you apart from all the other sellers who think their lived-in home is appealing to everyone! How wrong they are!  Senior sellers want to attract the right buyer with the right terms fast.  You do this by setting your

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Why Seniors Should Work with A Certified Senior Advisor

When I became a senior, I got bombarded with scams.  Phone scammers tried to get personal information from me pretending to be the IRS.  Facebook scammers with fake profiles wanted to be my friend and proposed marriage, and e-mail scammers asked for money in exchange for companionship!  Scammers are everywhere, and it seems they tend to target seniors.  After a couple of months of dealing with these scammers, I decided to become a Certified Senior Advisor. Certified Senior Advisors take extensive training on topics that impact seniors.  Finance, housing, community resources are some of the subjects we train on.  We have

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