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Coronavirus and the Housing Market

As a retired Infection Control nurse, I find my day often interrupted by the many news stories about the Coronavirus outbreak.  The information is overwhelming.  And I find myself with many unanswered questions. There is much fear and panic that comes with a new supergerm that has the capacity to spread so quickly.  But “fact over fiction” was our mantra in infection control and self-education is easily done on the Internet.  I still remember many of the trustworthy sources I used in my job like the Indiana Department of Health and the CDC.  And after 30 years in healthcare, handwashing

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What’s Your Home Really Worth?

When you decide to sell your home, you may start online to see what your house is worth.  To your surprise, you see your home value $50,000 above your expectations.  But when you talk with a Realtor®, you’re disappointed to hear your house may not be worth what you saw. You insist your house is worth more because you saw it online.  You convince your Realtor® to list at the price you saw.  And your Realtor® reluctantly agrees to list at your price.  After a few months of watching your neighbors’ homes sell quickly, you agree to drop the price

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REALTOR®, Agent, or Broker

Seniors often ask, “what’s the difference between an agent and broker, aren’t they all Realtors©”?  Great question!  Not knowing the difference between a Realtor, Agent, or Broker can cost Seniors stress, thousands of dollars, and time. An agent is licensed by the state to help buy, sell, rent, or invest in real estate.  A broker is an agent who has taken advanced training and passed the broker exam.  In Indiana, all real estate agents are brokers. Brokers in Indiana take 90 hours of real estate education, pass a state exam, and complete 30 hours of post-licensing training to earn a license. 

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3 Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling in a Hot Market

Selling your house is emotionally tolling.  But it’s even harder when homes on your block are selling fast and yours isn’t.  You may wonder if something is wrong with your house or you listing.  Read on to learn 3 reasons your house isn’t selling in a hot market. A hot market, or a seller’s market is great unless your house isn’t under contract.  There are many reasons homes don’t sell in a hot market with price and condition the top 2.  Here are 3 reasons your house isn’t selling in a hot market and how to fix them. TOO MUCH

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Probate and Selling a Home after Death

A client recently asked about the best way to prepare a home for sale after his death to avoid family conflict in dividing the funds.  As seniors, we know we shouldn’t care what happens after we die.  But we like control.  It’s natural and healthy to want to control our life and our decisions for as long as possible.  This senior citizen tip is on probate, trusts, and selling a home after death. Many seniors believe a will prevents problems in the sale of their home.  But a will does not protect a home from problems including a low sale

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