An Adult Day Care Keeps Seniors Independent and Out of a Nursing Home!

NWI Adult Day CareIf you are like most caregivers, you are over 49, female, work full-time, and have a family of your own.  You never expected one or both of your parents to move in with you.  But mom and dad were there for you and you want to do the same for them.  The thought of putting your loved one in a nursing home is horrible to you.  You only need an alternative through the day, when you work.  Read on to learn how an Adult Day Care might help solve your problem.

An Adult Day Care provides supervision to seniors who do not need full medical help.  The centers are typically open during the day and allow the caregiver to work knowing mom or dad is safe.  But An Adult Day Care offers much more than supervision.  Here is a list of services of a typical Adult Day Care.

Adult Day Care Services

  • Social Service
  • Meals
  • Interaction with Other Seniors
  • Transportation
  • Exercise
  • Entertainment
  • Education

Some centers also offer limited medical services.  These medical services may include health screenings, occupational or rehab services, and medical care. Adult Daycare 2


Adult Day Care Locations

Many locations house an Adult Day Care.  Locations include senior centers, churches and places of worship, hospitals, schools, and civic centers.


Cost of Adult Day Care

The cost of Adult Day Care varies depending on the location and services provided.  Medicare does not cover Adult Day Care.  However, Medicaid, Veteran’s Administration, and some insurance programs may cover some or all of the cost.

Adult Day Care Regulations

Adult Day Care centers are regulated through a license in Indiana.  This means the quality of care can vary.  Some centers are accredited and follow stricter quality standards.  You can locate a center in your area at the Indiana Association of Adult Day Care Centers website.  Ask for references and talk with clients and families to learn more about the center.  You can also check for complaints against the Adult Day Care center by checking the Better Business Bureau.

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