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3 Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling in a Hot Market

Image of House for Sale Sign on NWI Seniors, seniors, house for saleSelling your house is emotionally tolling.  But it’s even harder when homes on your block are selling fast and yours isn’t.  You may wonder if something is wrong with your house or you listing.  Read on to learn 3 reasons your house isn’t selling in a hot market.

A hot market, or a seller’s market is great unless your house isn’t under contract.  There are many reasons homes don’t sell in a hot market with price and condition the top 2.  Here are 3 reasons your house isn’t selling in a hot market and how to fix them.


Buyers want to picture they “stuff” in your home.  If your house if full of clutter or unorganized, potential buyers won’t be able to get past the mess to see themselves in your home.

Take time to organize your stuff and declutter as much as possible.  It is challenging to live in a home for sale.  But it is easier if you have less stuff to manage.  Before the listing goes live, sort your items by what you must keep readily available, what you can temporarily live without, and what you can donate or throw away.  And remember to keep closets and drawers organized.  Buyers will check!


This is HUGE!  We live in our homes and over time overlook the loose door handle or the dirty window in the kitchen.  But these details tell potential buyers there may be other issues with the house.  Buyers want move-in condition and they won’t pay full price if they need to fix up the home before moving in.

Unless you want to sell to an investor or accept a low price, take time to fix your home as close to the competition as possible.  Don’t over-improve and lose money.  But check out trends on home improvement sites and look at pictures or tour your neighbor’s homes to get ideas of what you need to improve your sale.


Keeping your home ins “show ready” condition is a pain!  Keeping your house clean and orderly, losing control of your time, and having to find somewhere to go during the showing is challenging.

While you should expect some lead time before a showing, if viewing times are too inconvenient, buyers may pass, and you’ll lose a sale.

Work with your agent to set up a realistic showing schedule.  You may agree to a “go and show” while you are on work.  For off-work hours, it is reasonable to request an hour or two pre-notice before scheduling showings.

There are many more reasons homes don’t sell in a hot market but these three are most common.  Follow these tips to help your home stay competitive and get under contract fast!

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