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3 Reasons Senior Sellers Need a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

NWI Seniors Pre-Sale Home Inspection, home, detailMost everyone knows there are 2 things that will kill a real estate deal-the home inspection and the appraisal.  Most realtors urge buyers to use a home inspection during a real estate transaction but very few realtors urge their sellers to use one.

Many sellers believe not knowing is better.  But licensed home inspectors are obligated to find and report problems.  With 99% of agents urging buyers to use a home inspection, as a seller you want to know upfront your risks to selling your home.  Regardless of the amount of time you’ve lived in your home, if you are planning to sell, you need a pre-sale home inspection.

Here are some reasons you need a home inspection before selling.

1.  You’ll know exactly what you must fix.  In Indiana, sellers must disclose problems with your home.  You must also fix major defects or sell your home “as is”.  Selling your home “as is” attracts an investor buyer who will use your problems to get the lowest price possible.

2.  You can fix the items before the sale and net more money.  When you know the problems with your home and have the money to fix it, you can hire your own contractor and have the repairs done before you market your home.  This will save you money and avoid paying more during the transaction when you must get the work done quickly.

3.  You have a better bargaining tool when the buyer’s home inspection comes back.  With your own inspection, you can easily respond more strongly, especially when you know the costs of the repairs or you’ve completed them.

Only 10% of agents urge their sellers to use a pre-sale home inspection.  For about $350, senior sellers can have peace of mind and a better bargaining tool to make sure your home sells fast and for top dollar.

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