Image of Seniors on NWISeniors.comWelcome to NWISeniors.com!  NWISeniors.com offers Seniors of Northwest Indiana and their families information on buying and selling a home, moving, aging-in-place remodeling, and protecting assets against a long-term care event or illness.

Whether you are a senior or a caregiver, you’ll find great information to live a better life after 55 on NWISeniors.com.

Information You’ll Find on NWI Seniors

Being a senior is an awesome experience!  And even though we don’t like to admit it, seniors face new and unique challenges.   Senior challenges are much different from our younger years!

The two greatest challenges for seniors are staying independent and having enough money for the rest of our lives.

On NWISeniors.com you’ll find help with staying independent in your Image of Windmills in Northwest Indiana on NWISeniors.comhome.  You’ll find information on buying and selling your home, moving to a safer home, alternative senior housing, and remodeling your home to age-in-place.

Image of Long-term Care Graph on NWISeniors.comFor financial planning, check out the information on protecting your assets against a long-term care event or illness.  More than 70% of people over 65 will experience a long-term care event in their life.  On NWISeniors.com, you’ll learn about the 3 ways to pay for long-term care and how to protect your assets so you don’t outlive your money.

You will also find senior-related resources and services throughout Northwest Indiana and nationally you can use to help you live better.

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